ELMO - Bulletin Vol.08 | January 2021  

European Lifestyle Medicine Organization: You are receiving our official ELMO-Bulletin
On behalf of the board of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization we would like to wish you a positive, strong and healthy New Year!

Despite the circumstances we all find ourselves in, we look forward to overcoming all difficulties and do our best to continue our work in raising awareness on the importance of fighting for health and investigating new ways and methods of doing so.

ELMO Certificate 2021 Winter Session

Since 2019 there are almost one hundred participants in the European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate. We built a strong (European) community which practice the evidence-based principles of lifestyle medicine.

Our Certificate has a strong practical side which improves the participant’s lifestyle and, using real lifestyle medicine cases, gives tools to implement in practice the theoretical knowledge.

The Guest Speakers invited in the Certificate complete the specificity of the European expertise in lifestyle medicine.

Our new session starts in a few days so you have the opportunity to work in an international environment or to invite a colleague to share the same experience which you had in past being a graduate of our Certificate.

Find out more HERE!


ELMO Virtual Conference 2020

The European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO) organized on 28 November 2020 the 1st Virtual Conference “The European Lifestyle Medicine: Between Education and Practice” with host Dr. Ioan Hanes, MD, Director of the European Lifestyle Medicine Certificate (Belgium) and as moderators: Stefania Ubaldi, MD, PhD, president of ELMO (Switzerland), Ioannis Arkadianos, MD, vice-president of ELMO (Greece), Prof. Dr. Ourania Kolokotroni (Cyprus) and Prof. Dr. Carlos Van Mieghem (Belgium).

HERE you will find details of the conference programme and can expect to find all presentations by the end of the month!

ELMO Partners

We are happy to announce that ELMO has launched a new collaboration with the Department of Kinesiology and Health, Rutgers University!

It is one more concrete step in ELMO’s strategy to support medical education and knowledge sharing opportunities with the ultimate goal to reduce the burden of lifestyle-related / non-communicable diseases globally.
About us

The European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO) is a medical organization which supports scientific and evidence-based initiatives and provides leadership in research, prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases through nutrition, physical activity, psychology and public health. ELMO is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious scientific and medical organization.

Friendly Reminder

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