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It is addressed to medical professionals and those interested in a healthy lifestyle, who would like to develop and monitor a healthy lifestyle trajectory for their patients and themselves.

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The courses & final exam will take place online and will certify that graduated students master the lifestyle medicine principles and apply them in their practice.

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Lifestyle medicine and use of technology in current healthcare
By Dr. Rabbanie Tariq

Lifestyle medicine is growing at a rapid pace globally and for its advent, the use of technology is still wavy. With the boom in technology, healthcare related technology has become inconspicuous and an obligatory component for improvisation of lifestyle medicine. The spread of lifestyle medicine has to go hand in hand with technology utilisation for research purpose as well as for practicing lifestyle medicine. There is a biassed opinion among masses against technology for disturbing the lifestyle of current generation. Since a lot has been written and propagated against technology in lifestyle medicine, there is a need to highlight the benefits of technology in lifestyle medicine and how it can improve the clinical practice of lifestyle medicine physicians. For this purpose, research and practice to use these devices should go together for benefit and spread of lifestyle medicine.

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ELMO Partners

The BANT AGM & Conference 2020 has changed its date and is now scheduled to take place on November 7th 2020.

The BANT AGM and Conference 2020 combines BANT’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), for members, with a leading-edge Conference, open to all health professionals, featuring high-profile international speakers on nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

The event is organized by the Nutritional Medicine Institute (NMI) in partnership with BANT. NMI is a new high quality, continuing professional education provider with extensive industry experience.


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The European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO) is a medical organization which supports scientific and evidence-based initiatives and provides leadership in research, prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases through nutrition, physical activity, psychology and public health. ELMO is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious scientific and medical organization.

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